Sunday, 7 July 2013

The elephants went in four by four (nearly)

So, a quick update on the crafting (yeah, it's a word!)
Elmer and his friends are almost ready for their outlining. The last elephant has been a pain to sew, despite having sewn three of them already he went wrong several times. Now a lesser mortal would probably have thought that it all adds to the 'homemade look' I just knew that it would bother me every time I looked at it if I didn't unpick it and start again. Twice. Grrr.

So as you can see the end is in sight and then it will be time to start the next project - hurrah!


  1. This looks very it going to be a picture, or a cushion cover? I admire your perseverance! x

  2. It's a picture for R's bedroom. I made Elmer pics for my niece and nephew for their christening presents so thought it only fair that R should have one too!