Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Don't tell anyone but I've started my Christmas shopping. And more importantly my Christmas crafting!
I have, for several years, knitted little stockings that fit a celebrations type chocolate inside to hang on the tree. This year I decided to up the ante. I'm going to knit 24 of them and string them up to make our very own advent count down! So now you can see why I've started early.
So anyway, knitting these tiny stockings is fine, the pattern is pretty easy to follow and because they're small they don't actually take that long to whip up but then I thought how am I going to number them? I thought about embroidering numbers onto them but I was fairly sure that I wouldn't be able to to them neatly enough to satisfy my slightly perfectionist tendencies. So what to do?!
The answer of course, as with so many things(!), is buttons. So off to google I went and found a company in Germany that sold every button imaginable including number buttons. I could have spent a fortune!
But here they are, just waiting for their stocking.

So if anyone needs me, I'll be knitting. And possibly humming Jingle Bells.

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